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Practicing at the US Open

Early this September, our very own Gabrielle Gottlieb got the call of her life, well one of the calls of her life since she’s pretty fabulous as it is.   The call was a referral to work on the healthcare team, as Acupuncturist behind the scenes, on  pro tennis players, at the US Open here in New York.  With a prior career as a professional dancer, and having worked on dancers and athletes for decades, Gabrielle was thrilled for this chance and we caught up with her after she caught her breath later that month.

Q:  What part of your experience impressed you most?
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What do you wish all women knew about menopause?

In this article, we ask Gabrielle Gottlieb,
“What do you wish all women knew about menopause?”

Menopause is not a disease. It is a natural life transition which all women go through. To some degree, the experience is different for each of us. Some women seem to sail through with relative ease, whereas others may encounter varying severity of symptoms.

I recommend that women prepare for menopause before they are blindsided by symptoms and concerns. Research shows that training for menopause, will prepare the body and mind to be more aware and adapt as changes arise.

Educate yourself.
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Patients & Lifestyle

In this article, we ask Gabrielle specifically what patients experience, when visiting Well Balanced Woman, to seek acupuncture treatment.

Well Balanced Woman

What can your patients expect, when seeing you at Well Balanced Woman?

I have a thorough patient intake process, during which I discuss the current health concern with each patient. As Asian medicine is lifestyle medicine, we can discuss all tenets of concern, in order to explore together, the best course of treatment.

The first visit can take over 1 1/2 hours, I am very thorough with my patients. I am naturally respectful, and maintain the highest level of privacy for all of my patients, whether they come in for one treatment or a series.

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