Balancing Exercise for Women

The Alphabet Balance and Strength Building exercise

This balancing exercise is used in many rehabilitative physical therapy routines. It will help you build balance, muscle tone and focus. We like to do this exercise once a day, preferably in the morning.

Stand erect on a non-slip flat surface, a yoga mat is good. This exercise works best in barefeet or comfortable shoes. Clasp your hands together, palms held tightly together in front of your chest and fold your fingers as if in prayer. Raise your right knee, leg bent and place your foot on the inside of your leg, either calf or ankle for balance. Extend both index fingers so they are pointing forwards, like an arrow, with your fingertips touching each other.

Pick a point in the near distance to focus your attention. While focusing on this point, begin to use your fingers to “air draw” the alphabet from A to Z.

Draw each letter first in print. Go as slowly as you need to and maintain your balance. This is not a race, it is a focused effort.

After completing the alphabet with one leg raised, place that leg on the floor, and lift the other leg, placing the foot gently on the calf or ankle. Repeat spelling the alphabet in the air.

After you’ve finished, relax for a moment.  As you build your confidence, after you have completed the alphabet in print, add a second round of the alphabet in script letter air drawing.

This is one way to support balance in your body, mind, spirit and emotions. Let us know what are your favorite balancing exercises.

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