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In this article, we ask Gabrielle specifically what patients experience, when visiting Well Balanced Woman, to seek acupuncture treatment.

Well Balanced Woman

What can your patients expect, when seeing you at Well Balanced Woman?

I have a thorough patient intake process, during which I discuss the current health concern with each patient. As Asian medicine is lifestyle medicine, we can discuss all tenets of concern, in order to explore together, the best course of treatment.

The first visit can take over 1 1/2 hours, I am very thorough with my patients. I am naturally respectful, and maintain the highest level of privacy for all of my patients, whether they come in for one treatment or a series.

How does a person’s lifestyle impact their health?

As someone who regularly receives acupuncture myself, I am aware of the impact that choices such as eating, sleeping, and stress have on the body. The textual tenets of acupuncture in all ancient texts convey the importance of leading with lifestyle.

Through clinical experience with patients, professional meetings, continuing education, and scientific research, I keep up with any new insights for patients and lifestyle impact.

Describe the uniquely personal treatment process and impact acupuncture has on a patient.

It is interesting, because acupuncture, while having been used to treat patients for centuries, treats everyone differently. As a practitioner, I treat each patient according to their unique physical constitution and lifestyle choices. We discuss health and lifestyle changes at each appointment. Many patients seek acupuncture because a friend referred them, and after their first treatment, feel immediate results.

Through empirical evidence and the scientific model of evidence-based medicine, we have a clearer idea of the specific neurotransmitters which are affected by acupuncture. The body is incredible, and it is my goal, to monitor and document the immediate and long term effects acupuncture has on my patients, addressing their unique healthcare concerns overtime.

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