Where does Western Medicine fall short?

The practice of natural medicine, including herbs, is so important, as it works with the body’s natural chemistry as opposed to overwhelming it. At this point with Western Biomedics, our society is so over drugged and prescribed. I believe that we have overwhelmed our natural immune system. Certainly, if you need emergency medical care, surgery, etc. there is no replacement for this. But Eastern Medicine forms a critical link between body, mind and spirit.

Mind Spirit BodyAs a society, we’ve been taught to blame somebody or something else outside of us. In studying and practicing Eastern Medicine, I have seen patients take more control of their health through regular conscious practice. In many cases, through Eastern Medicine bodies can become more balanced. By eating mindfully, exercising, and using alternative therapies, patients often find long-term relief of pain and other health concerns.

Most of the time, I meet with patients in extreme pain, who find Western Medicine is either not addressing or not relieving or resolving their discomfort. They get better quickly following a series of acupuncture and medical massage treatments. An acute patient, one I had recently in fact, told me at their first treatment, their pain level was 10 out of 10. Upon receiving their first treatment and returning in a few days, told us they were now at a 3 pain level. This is why I continue to practice, to help patients feel better!

For long-term care, I think only a certain % of people fall under this category, i.e. people with chronic health concerns and those who have suffered severe physical trauma. I do treat patients in this category. We create and monitor their treatment plan very closely and maintain communication with their medical specialist.

In terms of prevention, everyone should come in for a regular “tune up” maybe once a month or at least 2 weeks before the change of each season.

There is so much research surrounding alternative medicine and we are available to explain more specific to your needs, in a consultative appointment in our practice.

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